Play Yahtzee for Fun

This is a single player version of Yahtzee. This game can help you figure out strategy and will be a lot faster to learn then trying to play against other players. The important thing to note is your score. You can compete against yourself until you are ready to play with multiple players.

If you would like to play Yahtzee against other players, I would suggest that you visit Yahtzee Party at Pogo.com.


How to Play

  1. Press the Roll button
  2. Press the Hold button on one or more of the Dice
  3. Press the Roll button again
  4. Press the Hold button on the Dice of your choosing
  5. Press the Roll button one last time
  6. Click on one of the 13 different options to get a score; the roll value will display and a triangle will blink under your selection
  7. Click the Enter button to lock in that roll; your score will update
  8. Repeat the steps until you have no more options for scoring

You do not have to roll the dice all 3 times. If you get a straight, full house or yahtzee before your third roll, you can select that box and click Enter to lock it in and move on to the next roll.

If you would like to learn about the scoring system, please read this post on How to Play Yahtzee..

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